Places In Bodhgaya

The Bodhi Tree

The historic mahabodhi tree is situated at the western side of the Mahabodhi stupa under which shakyamuni
Buddha,the then known as Gautam, attainded enlightenment 2550 years ago.He practised austerities for around
six long years in the area of the Niranjana River Near bodhgaya.


Mahabodhi Temple

At the western side of the Bodhi Tree in bodhgaya stands the huge 170 feet Mahabodh temple

 and on the top of the temple are Chatras which symbolise sovereignty of religion. Four towers on its four corners rise gracefully giving the holy sturcture a poise and balance to it.These stupas are of multiple sizes which were built 2500 years ago. Most of them are extremely elegant in structural.

Barabar Cave

The Barabar and Nagarjuni Hills are located around 25 km to south from Bodhgaya (25 kms north of Gaya) and contain, in all, seven rock-cut caves of which four are in the Barabar hills. Barabar Caves is an important achaeological 
site in india. The caves carved out from solid rocks bear details of the life of Buddha.
Two of the caves, dedicated by Ashoka to Ajivika monks

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